West Palm Beach, FL, from 25. – 29.01.2023

Vienna from 16. – 23.12.2022

Color in Jewelry. A Seminar at the Israel Biennale of Contemporary Jewelry 2022 – on Klimt02.net

Ramat Hasharon / Tel Aviv from 10.11.-20.11.2022

Budapest from 12.-25.9.2022

Palm Beach from 5.-8.1.2022

Vienna from 20. – 27.11.2021

Madrid from 8.10.-11.11.2021

Happy to be part of the Romanian Jewelry Week 30.9.-3.10.2021 in Bukarest.

Proud to be part of the 25 best Readymade Artworks at Klimt02.

ADORNAXIS EXHIBITION at NYCXDESIGN, C2 Centre for Craft, New York International curated jewelry exhibition 66 artist from 17 countries, May 10-31, 2021. Happy to be part of the exhibition with my brooch „smartcards2“.

PAINFUL HOPE, Exhibition Alliages Gallery, Lille (France), December 12th 2020 until February 13th 2021, and Munich City Center for Schmuck (Germany), March 10th until 13th 2021.